Night Vision Rafting

Adventure Overview

Lakota Guides offers the only Night Vision Rafting trips in the country! Twilight will envelop you while floating down the Colorado River (Class I-II).  While you revel in the sweet fragrance of the river corridor, listen for beaver tails slapping the surface of the water. As stars emerge, observe and learn constellations. Night vision monoculars bring a whole different dimension to the outdoor night world.

Lakota Guide’s version of wild night life! CNN, ESPN, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Denver Post, National Geographic, and National Public Radio have featured this adventure. We outfit our guests with third generation ITT night vision monoculars used by the military and movie industry. Because of this technology, you will have the chance to see wildlife in a whole new (infrared enhanced) light.

Adventure Facts

Minimum Age / Weight
7 Years or Older
Adventure Time
3 Hours
Per Person
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