Customer Responsibility:

Be prepared and understand the risks. Adventure sports involve risks on the part of the participant. Although we take precautions to ensure an enjoyable trip, we cannot be responsible for personal injury or lost/damaged articles. You are required to acknowledge these risks by listening to a safety briefing prior to your activity as well as reading and signing a liability release prior to departure. We will e-mail or mail one to you for review if you wish.

There are many options and activities to choose from that offer varying degrees of difficulty. Make sure you choose a trip within your group’s personal limits, keeping all participants in mind.  Remember to consider your group’s comfort levels when deciding on a difficulty level for your adventure.

Minimum age requirements exist for many of our adventures. These requirements should serve as a guide for you when making a decision about the adventure you choose. Factors that go into minimum ages include, but are not limited to, a person’s height, weight, physical ability, mental capability, and maturity levels. These factors, along with years of experience of servicing thousands of guests, have gone into setting minimum ages.


While reservations are strongly suggested, walk-ins are always welcome. Advanced reservations are always beneficial as many of our adventures have limited capacity. Please understand that when a reservation is made, it is a commitment for us to hold space for you and possibly turn others away. If you choose to cancel, it can be difficult for us to re-book a trip, especially when the cancellation is close to the trip date. With this in mind, we are firm in adhering to our cancellation policies.

Deposit and Cancellation Fee Policies

At the time of booking, a credit card number will be taken and kept on file. While we generally take a deposit at that time, you will be allowed to change payment method, or split payments if you prefer on the day of the adventure. For cancellations within 24 hours of your activities departure time, the credit card on file will be charged a cancellation fee, which may be the full amount of the trip. This cancellation fee is because your spot may be filled by another customer on a waiting list. Also, guides must be scheduled for your trip the night before and show up early to make sure your trip is rigged and ready to go, if you cancel the day of, they still have to be compensated for their time.

Activity Cancellation

We run our trips rain, snow, or shine. We determine when an activity will be cancelled due to unsafe, or undesirable conditions. If we decide to cancel a trip due to these conditions, insufficient reservations, or other factors beyond our control, will will attempt to reschedule your trip or provide a full refund. If we determine river conditions to be unsafe or unsuitable, we reserve the right right to transfer parties to a different river, or section of the river, on the same day. We will make every effort to give you as much notice as possible.


Minors less than eighteen years of age not accompanied by their parent or legal guardian must bring our release form signed by their parent or legal guardian to our office.  Our release form can be downloaded from our website, or we can mail/email a copy to you. Some of our adventures may not be suitable for young children. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding your child’s participation. Children must be at least 30 pounds to participate in any river trip.

Photos and Videos

We reserve the right to take photographs or video of any of our adventures. All participants agree that we may use such photographs or videos for promotional and/or commercial purposes.

Use Fee

All adventures have a 9.75% use fee added.  This use fee covers Permit and Recreational Use Fees for The USFS, BLM, DOW, Colorado State Parks, and City of Glenwood Springs.