Your safety is our number one concern here at Lakota Guides. We reserve the right to not rent equipment if we are concerned about safety being compromised. Talk to our knowledgable staff about places to venture or join us on a commercial trip. We also offer instruction on rowing oar boats and paddle boats. Those who take any of our courses are eligible for rental and purchase discounts.

Steps for renting rafts and river equipment:

  • Fill out our Rental Inquiry form.
  • We will follow up via email or a phone call to help answer any questions you may have.
  • We generate a Rental Quote based on the information that you have provided and an email for you to review. You’ll will then follow the link CONFIRM RESERVATION and it will take you to our website to complete the reservation.
  • We will hold your credit card on file as a deposit against loss or damage.
  • You are required to sign a Waiver while using the equipment.
  • All rented equipment will be inspected by the renter and the staff at Lakota Guides. You will need to be observant and make any notations of damage on the check-out agreement.

Returning Equipment

  • Groover rentals do not include disposal. There are two options to dispose of your groover waste. You can go to any RV dump site to appropriately clean it with the supplied equipment. You can also go to dump station. Dump station charges are anywhere from FREE to $20. Ask our staff and we can tell you where the dump stations are located. Your last option is to pay us $100 to do it.
  • When you return the equipment please be sure that it’s clean. We will inflate and inspect all rolled rafts. We will charge a $25/hr cleaning fee for uncleaned equipment. We’ll apply a cleaning fee to trailers if they’re covered with mud (dust is expected).
  • Equipment is due back by 7pm. If you’re late, there is a an additional day rental on all equipment. If a problem occurs call our office before 7pm to avoid any unnecessary charges.
  • When we are checking back in the equipment, we are reviewing it for any damage or missing parts. If something is lost or missing, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR 100% OF THE RETAIL COST. We will charge your credit card at that time. If damage that is repairable, we will determine the cost of the repairs within a reasonable amount of time and discuss this with you. Your credit card on-file will then be charged for the repairs.
  • Recovery of lost raft (example: a wrapped raft) will incur additional charges on top of repair or retail cost. Recovery fees are $225 per hour.

Be sure to allow sufficient time for checking out/in equipment as we need to insure everything is in working order and clean. Also we want you to feel comfortable with your rentals. We are more than happy to help make adjustments here at our shop for anything such as oar tower placement, oar stopper placement, bay adjustments for personal coolers, etc.


**Be sure to raft within your ability.**