Lakota Guides has been in the river guiding industry for over 30 years and during that time we have provided raft instruction to countless river rafters who have gone on to guide rafts through out Central, South America and around the globe. Our instructors have countless miles from remote rivers like the Rio Platano in La Moskitia, Honduras up to extended 20 day expeditions down the Gand Canyon.

We are specialists in guide instruction so why not learn from the best.

Raft Instruction Training CoursesThese course is specifically designed for the private rafter who is looking to learn basic boatman skills for navigating your craft down the river. We are offering these courses to work in progression but depending on your experience you can take a more advance course. The topics include but not limited too, basic maneuvering, rigging techniques, water reading skills, river safety and river etiquette.

Essentials to Rowing

Prerequisites: None

This course begins with basic rigging techniques and equipment overview. Basic stroke work on Flatwater to learn techniques before moving on to Class II river section.

$135/1 Day per client

River Navigation

Prerequisites: Essentials or previous Class II experience.

This course is a follow up to Essentials Course or someone who has experience rowing Class II. After a brief evaluation of your current rigging and boatman skills, we set out to work on Eddy catching/peel outs (icl. midstream), ferries, “reading water” and shallow technical rowing and much more. (minimum of 2 guests required)

$135/1 Day per client

Advanced Oar Training

Prerequisites: Previous Class III experience.

This course can take 2 tracks.

Track 1 follows more technical skills navigating steep narrow sections requiring “must make” maneuvers. Quick reactions to the unexpected is the name of the game. Topics include single oar navigation, micro eddy catching, advance scouting strategies, boat and swimmer recovery including flip drills.

Track 2 follows more “Big Water” or Canyon style navigating. This track is more suited for the person looking to explore more Multi-day excursions. Topics include advanced rigging and planning concepts for extended travel, advance scouting strategies, boat and swimmer recovery including flip drills.

$155/1 Day per client

Private Courses

Private courses covering any of the above topics plus Paddle Boat instruction are available anytime during the season just give us a call for details: 970.845.7238

$275/1 Day (1 client)

$325/1 Day (2 clients)

$435/1 Day (3 clients +$145 per client more)