Camp Hale-Continental Divide National Monument Jeep Tour

Adventure Overview

Camp Hale is a former U.S. Army training facility located in the Eagle River Valley approximately 35 minutes to the south of Vail and Beaver Creek. The camp was established in 1942 as a training ground for the 10th Mountain Division, an elite infantry unit tasked with fighting in mountainous terrain during World War II.

Today, it is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts.  Camp Hale is the nation’s Newest National Monument dedicated by President Biden in the Fall of 2022

Our Jeep tours at Camp Hale take visitors on guided excursions through the rugged terrain of the surrounding mountains, offering spectacular views of the surrounding wilderness. The tours are led by experienced guides who are knowledgeable about the area’s history, geography, and wildlife. The jeep tours are a great way to explore the backcountry of the Rocky Mountains and get a taste of the rugged outdoor lifestyle that has long been a part of Colorado’s culture.

The location of Camp Hale was chosen for its rugged terrain and harsh climate, which closely resembled the conditions the soldiers would encounter while fighting in the European Alps. During its operation, the camp was home to approximately 15,000 soldiers who trained in skiing, mountaineering, and other skills necessary for alpine warfare.

After the war, Camp Hale was decommissioned and many of the buildings were dismantled or repurposed. Today, the site is managed by the U.S. Forest Service and is open to the public for recreational use.

Visitors to Camp Hale can explore the historic site and learn about the important role the camp played in World War II history.

Overall, Camp Hale is a fascinating destination for history buffs, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone interested in experiencing the natural beauty of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

Adventure Facts

Minimum Age / Weight
No Minimum
Trail Time
2.5 Hours
Private Jeep (up to 4 people)
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