If you’re planning a group adventure in Vail during the summer, Lakota Guides is your go-to destination. We have been providing incredible experiences in the Vail Valley for over 40 years. Here’s what you can explore with us.

  • White Water Rafting: Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rafter, Lakota Guides offers thrilling Vail white water rafting experiences. Choose from scenic floats to exhilarating drops on the famous Colorado, Eagle, and Arkansas rivers. 
  • Off Road Adventures: Hop on a Jeep or RZR Side by Side and venture into the rugged backcountry of Colorado
  • Horseback Rides: Saddle up and ride through picturesque landscapes on our private 6,000 acre ranch.
  • Ranch Cookouts: Experience the Old West with a classic ranch cookout. Enjoy delicious meals and live music in a rustic ranch setting surrounded by stunning vistas. 
  • We provide an easy way to pay and options for everyone to fill out waivers to help simplify your job as the group planner. 

We provide group rates and private experiences

Lakota Guides’ main office is located in the town of Avon, Beaver creek approximately 10 minutes from the town of Vail which serves as the gateway to the Rocky Mountains. Their private Bair Ranch spans over 6,000 acres, offering breathtaking views of Colorado’s spectacular scenery. If you’re looking for outdoor excitement and unforgettable memories, Lakota Guides is the company to be with in the Eagle / Vail Valley!

When planning a group activity, several key factors come into play to ensure a successful and enjoyable experience. Here are some important considerations to think about.

  • Purpose and Goals: Clearly define the purpose of the activity. Is it team-building, recreation, education, or celebration? When we Understand the goals , it  helps tailor the experience to meet everyone’s expectations.
  • Group Size and Dynamics: Consider the number of participants. Smaller groups may allow for more intimate interactions, while larger groups require efficient coordination. Understand the group dynamics. Are they friends, colleagues, or a mix? Different dynamics impact communication and decision-making.
  • Budget and Costs: Determine the budget for the activity.  We can ensure that the chosen activity aligns with the available budget.
  • Logistics and Planning: Choose a convenient date and time for everyone and let us plan transportation, meeting points, and create an itinerary with all of your activities
  • Safety and Health: We Prioritize safety and assess any risks associated with the activity and take all the necessary precautions for all ages and abilities. Part of this is considering participants’ health conditions, allergies, and physical abilities.
  • Activity Selection: Let Lakota guides help you tailor the activity to the group’s interests and preferences. Research and select reputable providers or venues.
  • Communication: We keep you and your group informed with details about the activity, what to bring, and any special requirements.
  • Flexibility and Contingency Plans: We are  prepared for unexpected changes. Weather, traffic, or other factors may impact the plan, so we are somewhat flexible when dealing with groups, as we understand it’s like herding cats. We have backup options or alternative activities in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Inclusivity and Accessibility: We Ensure that the activity is accessible to all participants, considering mobility challenges, language barriers, and dietary restrictions, just make sure to let us know ahead of time
  • Feedback and Reflection: Please do not hesitate to give us your feedback , we are always improving and looking for ways to make all our experiences the best they can be..

Remember, a successful group activities are not just about the destination; they’re about the journey and the connections made along the way!

To learn more about these customized itineraries and arrangements, contact our Group Sales team at 970-845-7238 or email sales@adventureoutdoorsco.com.