1 Hour Horseback Ride

Adventure Overview

Located on our private ranch within a short drive of the Vail Valley.  Our Bair Ranch stable is located in the famous Glenwood Canyon. This ride gives our guests a chance to explore our beautiful countryside on horseback. The one hour ride is perfect for those short on time or the never-ever ridden-before beginner.  Our Incredible 360 degree mountain views and back country landscape will leave you breathless and hankering’ for more time in the saddle.  Enjoy views of the Flat Top Wilderness and Glenwood Canyon as you ride by horseback out of the canyon floor. It’s not unusual to spy deer, turkeys, and Elk during a ride.

Adventure Facts

Minimum Age / Weight
7 Years or Older
Adventure Time
1 Hour
Maximum Weight
270 Pounds
Per Rider
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